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Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and vision? 

Explore ocean sciences creatively during National Science Week 2022 with a Go2Qurious online sci-art experience. We dive into musical compositions using ocean colour satellites and practice nature journalling under the Antarctic ice. There are 2 interactive sci-art experiences to enjoy, starting with The Sound of Colour on August 16th and Fathom Antarctica on August 19th.


Don't miss these free online sci-art experiences to dive, sketch, explore, quiz, and Q&A with our expert presenters pondering the sounds and visions of our oceans.  

Supported by a Commonwealth Government Inspiring Australia National Science Week Grant. Presented by Go2Q Pty Ltd in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Ocean Ecology Lab and Fathom it Studios.

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Sound of Colour
TUESDAY 16 AUGUST 9:10AM (AEST) (Ages 1o+)


What does ocean colour sound like? Find out in this 1-hour presentation by Ryan Vandermeleun from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Ocean Ecology Lab. 

Perfect for school groups! Join NASA Oceanographer Ryan Vandermeulen for this 1-hour presentation with quiz and Q&A. Scientific data analysis is often exclusively visual components, and this is especially true when communicating the science of colour. The root of everything we visualize with our eyes is based on the sensitivity of red, green, and blue photoreceptors to the photons that are reflected from everything around us. There are rises, falls, and natural variations in the magnitude of this information that our brain seamlessly translates into images. Ryan wonders then, what if we captured and isolated the individual components of colour data, and instead of interpreting into a picture, what if we translated these variations into an aural experience? What would colour sound like? Ryan’s event shows how converting satellite data into music reveals natural harmonies in ocean colour optical signatures. *Limited Registrations

Eddy in the Western Bering SeaRyan Vandermeulen
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Fathom Antarctica


A 1-hour virtual dive and nature journaling session with scientific illustrator Kirsten Carlson (Fathom It Studios).  
FRIDAY 19 AUGUST 6:00PM (AEST) (Ages 10+)

Kirsten Carlson dives deeper with her 1-hour nature journaling adventure in Antarctica; an extremely remote location off-limits to most. Kirsten has travelled to Antarctica twice; first in 1992 as a marine biology student, then again in 2017 as an NSF Artists and Writers grantee. Kirsten quests to fathom the beauty and wonder in nature through the lens of science and art, so in this workshop we dive (virtually) with her below the ice of Antarctica discovering incredible visions and sounds, then record them as field sketches, viewing the under-ice world from the vantage point of Kirsten’s dive slate camera. We watch and sketch creatures including sea stars, sea urchins, and sea gooseberry, and hear Weddell seals. All skill levels welcome, with a limited supply of 100 free art packs available to Queensland participants (Water Brush Pen, Water Soluble Pen, sketchpad). *T&Cs apply. *Limited Registrations 

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