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Dr Jamie Coull 
Director &
Outreach Coordinator (Go2Q)

Jamie is originally a teacher and now works for Go2Q designing science communication projects. She holds a B.Ed. (Theatre Studies & Music), a B.A. Hons (Performance Studies), and a Ph.D. (Performance Studies). Jamie loves all aspects of theatre and has worked internationally as a director, music director, stage manager, teaching-artist, musician, and sessional lecturer. Her favourite part of science outreach is learning new things, and mixing arts practice with science. 

Dr Lachlan McKinna
Director &
Lead Oceanographer (Go2Q) 

Lachlan is an oceanographer who specialises in using satellites to remotely sense the optical properties of seawater. Lachlan has extensive industry experience and currently works closely with NASA's PACE Science and Applications Team and serves as a Principal Investigator on JAXA's GCOM Science Team. In 2017 he founded Go2Q upon returning to Australia after four years working in the USA. Dr McKinna holds a B.Sc (Mathematics & Physics), a B.Sc. Honours (Statistic), and a Ph.D. (Physics) all from James Cook University. Lachlan supports the Go2Qurious science outreach projects as podcast co-host, IT management, and of course expert advice on the topic of oceanography. 

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