Ocean science guest lessons for Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay Region Schools

Hands-on Presentation

Invite science podcasters Dr Lachlan McKinna & Dr Jamie Coull to your school. 

We'll run a 1 hr interactive presentation about phytoplankton ecology with your year 7 students (max 30).

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Classroom Pack to Keep

Go2Qurious provides all materials and PPE for our activities, and we'll bring a classroom pack of Phyto-focused resources for you to keep.

Supports Yr 7 Science Curriculum

Our school series presentation is designed for Year 7, and supports National Curriculum content descriptions of Science Understanding and Scientific Inquiry Skills.

Sunshine Coast Schools

We are Sunshine Coast locals and the ocean is so important to our daily lives. If your school is on The Sunshine Coast or Moreton Bay Region, get in touch with us to organise an oceanography incursion with  Go2Qurious.

Actually, it's Phytoplankton!: School Series

Hi! This is Lachlan & Jamie. We are Sunshine Coast locals who host a kids science podcast called Actually, it's Phytoplankton! The podcast is brought to you by Go2Qurious, and season 1 was proudly supported by an Advance Queensland Engaging Sciences Grant provided by the Queensland Government. 


Now, we want to bring our love of ocean science to schools on the Sunshine Coast. Invite us to visit your school and deliver a 1 hr interactive presentation for year 7 students (max. 30) with the following inclusions: 

Topics & Activities:

  • What are phytoplankton? 

  • What is their function in the Earth System?

  • How do they contribute to the Food Web?

  • Why & how do scientists study them? 

  • Identification/Classification Activity using provided equipment & water samples and/or prepared slides. 

Classroom Pack:

  • Foldscope Classroom Kit (20 unassembled foldable microscopes for use with a smart phone) 

  • Phytoplankton playing cards game (2 sets) 

  • Carbon Cycle Board Game 

  • Ocean Colour Wheel (for phytoplankton identification) 

Supports Yr 7 National Curriculum for Science:

Science Understanding: 

Biological Science

  • Classification helps organize the diverse groups of organisms

Earth and Space Science

  • Predictable phenomena on Earth

Scientific Inquiry Skills:

Planning & Conducting

  • Collaboratively and individually plan and conduct a range of investigation types, including fieldwork and experiments, ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed 


More Information: 

  • Our presenters have current Blue Cards or Exemption Cards and Public Liability Insurance. 

  • We will conduct a risk assessment 

  • We provide PPE for hands on activities (e.g. gloves, masks, and safety glasses where necessary).


  • For schools located on the Sunshine Coast QLD and Moreton Bay Region.

  • We are available for limited bookings year round (Starting from June 2021)

  • Designed for small groups, with a maximum of 30 students. 


  • $550 incl. GST 

  • Deposit of $250 due at time of booking

  • Balance due 2 weeks before event. 

  • Terms & conditions apply 

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